Rolex watches are a popular item to sell at a pawn shop. However, before you walk into the pawn shop to sell your Rolex watch, you should have a good estimate of how much money it is worth.


pawnThe authenticity is the most important factor in the value of the watch. Many may be wondering how to tell if it is real, or fake. If you purchase it from a legit retail store, then you can rest with the confidence of knowing that it is genuine. However, if you received it from a friend, or purchased it online, it could be counterfeit. In terms of quality, counterfeit Rolex watches range dramatically. You can spot some simply by taking a close look at the watch, or by taking another Rolex and comparing them. However, a trained eye will be able to spot the difference between a knock-off and a real Rolex. Counterfeiting has gotten so good that it can actually look real from the outside. Counterfeiters are now hand painting the colored wheels that are on the watch movement to make them look real on the outside and the inside.

The Condition

Another important factor would be the condition of the watch. The best one will be free of any dents or scratches and running smoothly. If you have opened the watch up, then this means it’s no longer going to be waterproof. In order to make sure you get the most out of the watch, before you bring it in, make sure it’s clean and polished. In a second hand watch, appearance can go a long way.

Bring the Box and Papers

If you have the original box and papers that came with the Rolex watch, make sure you bring those with you as well. When a genuine Rolex watch has the original packaging, documents, and receipts, it can be sold for a couple hundred dollars more.

The Offer

When you bring the watch in, the pawnbroker is going to look at the watch closely, and take the band off in order to determine the year it was created, and get the model number. Once the pawnbroker ha looked it over and has determined that it is genuine, they will make an offer. During this time, don’t be afraid to counter offer a price and settle on a price that is somewhere between the two numbers. Once the two of you have reached an agreement on the price, the pawnbroker will then pen up the watch and look at the movement in order to confirm the authenticity before they complete the sale and hand you the money.


Selling your Rolex watch to a pawn shop isn’t that hard. Once they determine it is genuine and you reach an agreement, you can walk out of there with money in hand.    
If you want to sell your watch, before you walk into the pawn shop to sell your Rolex watch, you should have a good estimate of how much money it is worth. We give all information about this in our post this is useful for you.

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There are going to be times that you may want to get rid of old items. You could do so with a variety of options, including visiting a thrift store. However, you will want to look into options that could very well pay you for items.


If you were to give away your items, you could get a receipt that will help you with a tax write off, but that’s not going to give you any sort of financial upgrade in the short term. For that simple reason, you may want to look into a few options that will help you garner a bit of success in terms of financial assistance. The following are just a few notes to consider when it comes to using a pawn shop.

What To Find Overall

The first thing that you should look for is a pawn solution. Pawn shops are going to help you garner a bit of success overall, and will assist you with pawning and get paid with relative ease. What you need to look for is things that are valuable in a lot of different ways. For instance you will want to look into gold, silver, and other precious metals.

These are always being sought after, and could help you work with getting paid, or even a loan. Whether you want to get a loan or get paid straight away, you will need to look into solutions that are simple to pawn, and get paid for. Precious metals are often the most valuable for a pawn solution, and get you a loan or a immediate financing.

Lending or Payment

The next thing that you will need to take into account is whether or not you will want a direct loan or you will want to sell your items directly. In the case of precious metals, you will want to get money fast, so that may mean that you will want to sell out right.


A good company will weigh your metals and will pay you per ounce. An ounce of precious metals can range between a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars depending on the size, shape, and condition that you’re dealing with.

Now, there is an option to work with in terms of lending. You could get a loan, which is a good thing. Getting a loan is a great option, but it’s something that you need to manage like any other loan. You will need to pay this option back within a short span of time, or you will not be able to get your precious metals.

When In Doubt Ask

The next thing that you should look into, is simple, ask what the pawn shop is looking for most often. If you ask them directly, you will be able to figure out whether or not you have something that is going to help you garner a bit of a payout.

Whether you want a lending solution, or you want a direct payment, you can always ask a pawn shop to help you ensure that you will be able to get paid with ease. Ask around, and you’ll find that you will ensure this is a great thing.

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